Web Hosting Solutions

Speedy and secure with 24 hour access


It can be a scary world out there. Our web hosting is ultra-secure and ultra-fast. All you need to worry about is running your business. Your website will work for you tirelessly from our hosted servers, and we will be right here, making sure everything is running like clockwork at all times. We guarantee 99% uptime with all of our servers and we get instant notification if something decides to hiccup.


Spammy sploggers from around the world are trying to attack web servers and websites through a variety of techniques on a constant 24-hour cycle. Then, less reputable companies will report false positive virus detection to sell their wares. Larcom Studios uses secure servers with round-the-clock monitoring to get ahead of any potential threat.


Our clients take backups and disaster recovery very seriously. That’s why we take snapshots of every website we host, every day. This ensures we are prepared for the worst-case scenario, all without you having to lift a finger. Mickey mouse hosting from cheap web hosts do not give you this piece of mind and preparedness.


WordPress is regularly updated to fix identified vulnerabilities and other issues. This is great, but it doesn’t benefit most website owners because many web designers and developers will let their clients’ site go months or years without regular WordPress maintenance. This is a sure path to disaster, and we update all the time!


We’re guessing you’ve abandoned a website you were trying to get to because it was too slow. We all do it. We hate waiting! Our web servers are virtual private servers designed to host WordPress sites in the fastest, most efficient way possible, stripping out unneeded code, and using other technologies so your WordPress website is always blazing fast!


Features included with all hosting accounts are an easy to use control panel, 24-hour access to update your site, web-based email, SPAM and Anti-Virus Filtering, multiple email accounts, complete statistics & more. Plans start at $150/year, depending on what you need. There are no setup fees and no long-term contracts. If you outgrow your current plan you can upgrade at any time.


More stability and reliability
More control in your hands
Green technology
Environmentally friendly
More efficient use of resources

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