How We Work

When you’re looking for a brand new website or you need an overhaul or upgrade to an existing website, Larcom Studios is here to help you. Here are a few handy tips to help you understand the process, some ideas on what to expect, and an order of events for introducing your website to the www universe. Learn more about our process below.

The Conversation


In order to get an idea of your project wants, needs, concerns, vision and budget, we start the design process with a conversation. During our initial meeting, we will get to know each other and define immediate goals for your project. This is a great opportunity to bring up your questions, discuss design ideas and site concepts. Have an idea of what visuals you like, what color palettes you prefer, and what kind of functionality you want to see.

The Concept


Once the initial meeting has concluded, Larcom Studios hitS the drawing board, so to speak. We will use your vision, passion, and flavor to create the graphic and/or website concept you’re after. When working with websites, no project goes live or proceeds in development until you are happy with a one-page concept. With print or graphic design, nothing hits the public eye until you are pleased with the final product.



Simply building and launching a website does not guarantee the project is done. Very often you will want informational or photographic updates, the addition of new features or functionality. With the growing popularity of php database-driven content management systems such as wordpress, joomla, and droople, there is an increased opportunity for you to manage your own updates without an inflated knowledge of how websites work. We can help you set up such a system, and are always here to assist.



When building a website, Larcom Studios builds it off the grid. This means we build and test the website in a secret closet located in the basement of the internet. Not really. But we do all of our building and testing where no one in the public can see what we’re doing. A website doesn’t launch until it’s complete and built to your satisfaction.



At last! Launch day arrives! Once all bells and whistles have been firmly attached to your new baby and you have signed off on the project with glee, we take it out of that dusty closet and present it to the world wide web. Hi new baby!



During the successful launch of a new or a re-designed website, we make sure that your website is search engine optimized. Because we’ve already dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s during the design and testing phase, all necessary back-end meta tags, compressed images and alt tags are already in place and ready to be presented to the spiders and bots of the search engine world. We submit your data to the Google Search index and schedule scans. After the initial submission process, your website will be scheduled for re-submission on a monthly basis.



We have a few tricks stuffed up our sleeves when it comes to promoting your online presence in a viral fashion. All very hush hush and we’ve been told not to discuss the details, but rest assured… it’s a fun part of the entire process. we will even give you a crash course in social media marketing!


If you are interested in working together, give us a shout! We always guarantee a free one hour initial consultation.