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You get one chance to make a good first impression. Carefully crafting your business presence is essential for success. This includes everything from your branding and company logo to the functionality of your website and the quality of your marketing materials. Every detail matters.

For several years, Larcom Studios has been branding fledgling businesses. What makes us unique is that we are a soup-to-nuts design house. We are web people who can do graphics. We are graphics people who can speak internet. We are photographers and videographers, artists and makers.

We have a proven record of taking an initial concept or a half-formed dream and turning it into a polished, marketable business. This is our favorite kind of project and we have done it in a multitude of industries. Larcom Studios can also reinvent the look of your business – give you a breath of fresh air and a whole new vibe. With the evolving technology and web languages, it can be daunting to rebrand yourself. Let us help.


We are a team of passionate nerds with mad skills and a killer eye for design.



Larcom Studios is a full-service design house with a proven track record. We offer:


Web Design & Development • UX Design

Web Hosting • Web Maintenance

Email Services • eCommerce Solutions

Graphic Design • Print & Package Design

Traditional Marketing • Social Media Marketing

Product Photography • Commercial Photography

SEO Optimization & Submission • Videography



There are not only a myriad of options to choose from when designing your website, there are also many functional considerations to keep in mind. One of the most critical components of a good website is good organization. Simply put, if your site is not easy to navigate, people will not stick around to figure it out. The core basis of every site built by Larcom Studios is founded on ease of use, concise organization of information, and visual appeal, as well as standard compliance and both cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. We use php-driven content management systems, like WordPress, so that you have the option to manage your own content and updates if this is something you’re into. We even train you how to run the system, and we are always available for refresher sessions if you forget how to do it.



The only way to effectively market is to know the consumers in the market, know what you’re marketing, and know the industry you’re working in. We have an army of tricks up our sleeves when it comes to marketing techniques, and we make it our priority to learn as much as we can about what you do before we attempt to pitch you to the world. Our marketing services are three-fold; traditional marketing techniques, social media marketing techniques, and guerilla marketing techniques. We’d love to tell you more about how geeky we really get, give us a shout!



From logo design and color palettes to print and package design, we’ve got you covered. We make everything about your presence both cohesive and memorable. Brochures, package labels, stickers, posters, business cards, print and online advertisements, banners, street signs, car graphics and so much more – we love to do it all!



It’s a fact – gorgeous imagery is a critical component of branding your business. We offer full-scale photographic and videography services, from initial photo shoots to post production and conversion. Many of our existing clients have utilized these services for a knock-it-out-of-the-park visual impact. Need headshots of your staff? We’ve got you covered. Want to offer instructional videos on your website for paying members? Consider it done. The options are only limited by imagination – reach out to learn more.


Are you curious to learn more? Give us a call or contact us today, and let’s chat about how we can help you make your dream business a reality.

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